Tourist Places in Jammu

Today, in this article, we will talk about the top most famous tourist places in Jammu. Jammu is commonly known as city of temples, but there is lot more to explore for tourists like beautiful diverse forests open valleys, blue sky, green meadows roaring pines, steep roads, lakes, rivers, friendly people and snow capped mountains. It is the most unexplored region of Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir. Jammu city is the winter capital of UT of Jammu and Kashmir and is properly connected by all weather roads and trains to the rest of India throughout the year. It has so many beautiful places to explore but still remains very underrated from tourist attraction point of view. Jammu has its own culture, Dogra culture which is very different from Kashmir. Some of the most beautiful tourist places in Jammu are as below:

Vaishno Devi: This is the most sacred shrine of India. It is situated at an altitude of 5,300 feet above sea level in Trikuta Hills of Katra district, is approximately 44 Kms from Jammu which takes near about 1 hour of ride. From Katra you have to travel on foot steps to reach the Bhawan. The distance from Katra to Bhawan is almost 14 kms. If you can’t travel by foot, Chopper service is also available, you also have the option of travel by horse.

Raghunath Temple: This temple is situated in the centre of Jammu city. It lies very close to Jammu Bus stand and considered to be the largest temple complex of North India. It took approximately 25 years to build this temple. This temple belongs to Lord Rama, whom people of Dogra community worship the most. Besides, this temple has statues of all other Gods as well. Many tourists and pilgrims came to visit this temple from far off places. It is famous for its beautiful architecture and intricate carvings.

Bahu Fort: Most commonly known by the name Bagh-e- Bahu. It is the largest garden of Jammu city, situated on the bank of river Tawi. Bahu fort is approximately 3000 years old. The architecture of Bahu fort is worth watching, but the most attractive thing here is the Bagh-e Bahu garden. This garden is a sight to behold combining the peaceful aura with sprawling lawns, grand fountains and a large aquarium. Besides, there also exists an ancient temple of Hindu Goddess Maa Kaali. It has everything which attracts locals and tourists for spending a peaceful and relaxing evening.

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Manda Zoo: It is the biggest zoo of Jammu division. This zoo is very well developed and a very good picnic spot as well. It is one of the best tourist attraction point for nature lovers who love peace of mind in the lap of nature. In this zoo, you can spot different animals like deer, leopard, bears, peacock, rabbits, snakes, ducks, swans, turtle, wild cats, crocodile, owl, guinea pigs and monkeys.

Patnitop: It is a hill top destination which is approximately 100 kms from Jammu and it takes 2 and a half hour journey from Jammu by road. You can enjoy many adventurous activities at skyview Patnitop which is not only known for its gorgeous view but also some unique sports like longest zig zag ziplining through deodar and kail trees, tubing sledge, ride on India’s first magic carpet on a sloppy hill, Gandola ride (India’s highest ropeway). If you are snowfall lover, then you can enjoy heavy snowfall here in winter.

Sanasar: It takes approximately 20 Kms from Patnitop and it takes almost 1 hour journey to reach here from Patnitop. It’s a place where many tourists enjoy trekking, parasailing, horse riding and hiking like activities. It’s among one of the best places to visit in Jammu. In the centre of Pine trees and beautiful landscapes, sitting by the side of this lake makes your trip more memorable.

Tourist places in Jammu
                                                                                   Scenic view of Sanasar

Mansar: Mansar is famous for beautiful lake and wildlife sanctuary.It is almost 45 kms from Jammu city and takes about 1 and a half hour ride. People take a holy dip in water of this beautiful lake on festive season. People can enjoy boating in this beautiful lake at a very reasonable rate. This lake is rich in aquatic flora and fauna. There are so many fishes, eels, swans and tortoises etc. People love feeding the aquatic life in this lake. Lord Sheshnaag temple is also situated on the banks of this lake. Mansar is a picnic spot for many schools. You will definitely spend some quality time sitting in the garden by the side of this beautiful lake and love the scenic beauty of this place. In wildlife sanctuary you can see peacocks, deers etc.

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Sruinsar Lake: It is one of the best tourist attraction spot in jammu division which is very well maintained. It is just 30 kms from Jammu city and take about 50 minutes of journey to reach here from Jammu city. Sruinsar lake is very beautiful with a small oval shaped island which is full of trees, fish eating birds and Bats. A park is also built near the lake which is full of paid kid’s ride where kids enjoy a lot. Its original name was Surang Sar which later became Sruinsar. Just like Mansar Lake, it is also surrounded by dense forest and beautiful mountains. Sruinsar lake is a wetland of International importance and declared as Ramsar site by Ramsar Convention on 8th November, 2005.

Krimchi temples: Krimchi temples, locally known as Pandava Temples, situated in the Udhampur district of Jammu region, is a complex of seven ancient Hindu temples located on bank of stream Birunala in village Krimachi which is approximately 12 kms from Udhampur. These temples are approximately 65 kms from Jammu city which takes 1 and a half hour ride.

Krimchi Temples
                                                                                          Krimchi Temples View

Atal Setu: Also known as Basohli bridge, is the first cable stayed bridge of UT of J&K built on Ravi River, connecting Basohli of Jammu region with Punjab and Himachal. It lies in Kathua district of Jammu division and is approximately 140 kms from Jammu city and take almost 3 hours of ride to reach here from Jammu city. Many people enjoy pre wedding shoot here. The bridge has a length of approximately 1.6 Kms.

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Atal Setu Bridge
                                                                      Aerial view of Atal Setu Bridge

Sarthal valley: This valley is situated near Bani valley of Kathua District and is approximately 230 Kms from Jammu city and is approximately 6 hours ride from Jammu city. Sarthal valley is all about beautiful meadow situated at a height of 7000 feet bounded by snow clad mountains, dense forests and a small river which attracts tourists from Chenab valley, Kathua, Pathankot and some areas of Himachal Pradesh every year. This valley receives so much snow that it remains covered under snow for six months. This valley is very often remarked as Pahalgam of Jammu.

Baderwah Valley: This valley is situated at a height of 65000 feet above sea level is renowned for its rich biodiversity, natural beauty and is surrounded by towering mountains, gushing streams and dense forests. This valley is a must visit destination for the tourists who wants to experience the true essence of Jammu and Kashmir. Vasuki Nag temple, Sheshnag temple, Seoj Meadow trek are some of the sight-seeing destinations for tourists. Many rare and endangered species of flora and fauna like Himalayan Black Bear, the Musk Deer and Snow Leopard can be seen in this valley.

If your are fond of traveling, try these budget friendly tourist spots in Jammu once in your life, the words can’t describe the beauty of these places, do visit and enjoy the feeling of being close to nature.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. How many days are sufficient to explore all tourist spots of Jammu?

Ans: Jammu division of UT J&K is spread over a very large geographical area, having 10 Districts. You can explore whole of Jammu in 10-15 days.

Q2. How much it cost to explore all tourist spots of Jammu?

Ans: You can explore famous tourist places within an affordable budget. The whole trip can cost you somewhere around 15-20K.

Q3. What is the best time to visit Jammu?

Ans: You can visit Jammu throughout the year, but the best time to visit here is from September- November & February- April when the climate is moderate neither too hot nor too cold. But if you are a snowfall lover, then late December and early January are the best months for visit.

Q4. Is Jammu safe for tourists?

Ans: Jammu is absolutely safe for tourists.

Q5: Which language is spoken in Jammu?

Ans: Dogri is most widely spoken language in Jammu along with Hindi, English, Kashmiri, Pahadi. The official language of Jammu is English.

Q6. What is famous food of Jammu?

Ans: The famous food of Jammu is Rajma Chawal, Dum Aloo and Desi Murga. But you will get almost every type of dish here in Jammu.

Q7. For what Jammu is Famous for?

Ans: Jammu is famous for Mata Vaishno Devi temple, Kesar cultivation and dry fruits.

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