Ways to Monetize a Blog

Blogging in 20th century is a very good platform to earn a handsome amount. Many people dream of earning from blogging and try it to earn, but very rare succeed in fulfilling their dream. Most people can’t fulfill their dream because they lack the knowledge of numerous platforms from which they can monetize their blog and start earning many a folds. Today there are so many people who earn lakhs of money just from their Blogs and choose Blogging as a career rather than doing any specific Job. Blogging is only platform that pays you just for expressing your thoughts and passions. There are numerous ways by which one can earn from Blogging. Let us now discuss about various ways of monetizing our blog:

ways to monetize a Blog
Ways to Monetize a Blog

1.Ads Revenue: It forms the major source of income for Bloggers. Bloggers mostly earn by showing ads on their blog posts. There are numerous ads showing networks that display ads on blogging websites. But for displaying ads, the blog has to get approval from these ad networking sites. Once, the blog gets approval of these ad networking platforms, they provide a code, the blogger has to insert the code in blogging website and these ad networks automatically display ads in the blogging website. Ad networking platforms are major source of revenue for Bloggers. Ad-sense is the most popular platform to monetize a Blog. Ad-sense is a product of Google and one can easily trust it. If one wants to earn a good amount from blogging, then one must go for ad sense approval. Almost everyone, who earns from blogging have ads from ad-sense. In order, to get ad sense approval for blog website, the website must have some important pages like about us, Contact Us, Terms and Conditions, last but not the least Privacy Policy.

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2. Amazon Associate: Another most trustworthy platform to monetize your Blog is Amazon. To earn from Amazon, one have to sell products from Amazon and gets the commission in return. With Amazon one can easily earn from day one. The only thing one has to do is to create an account in Amazon by clicking on “Become an Amazon Affiliate” and then click on sign up and fill the mandatory details and Amazon affiliate account is ready to use. Now, by signing in, one can easily get the link of any product in amazon, one wants to sell for commission, copy the link and insert it in Blog and the Ads for the product will be visible in Blog. If anyone buys any product by clicking on Ad from your blog, you will commission for it. It’s a very good source of income for many Bloggers. In fact, many bloggers create a free blogger account, and use their amazon affiliate links in blogging website. They not only use the affiliate links but also use image and post from Amazon.

3. Sponsorships: Sponsorship is another very good source of revenue for Bloggers. One can also earn by writing a blog post for someone to promote their products. This can be understood with the help of an example, if someone has blog on bikes, automobiles etc then the bikes company may approach him/her for promotion of their newly launched products and offers him/her a good amount in return. This also become a very good source of Income for Bloggers other than ad-sense and amazon affiliates. If someone is new in blogging, one can also approach the company of their niche for promotion of their newly launched product by charging an appropriate amount for the blogpost. Many companies now a day’s promote their products through bloggers, since it’s a very cheap source of Promotion and Bloggers have a very interactive audience.

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4. Guest Posts: Guest post is another very good source of income for Bloggers. Guest post is to publish someone else blogpost on one’s own blogging website and charge some fees in return. Both are mutually benefitted from guest posts. One gets the money and other gets back links, traffic as well as publicity. Guest posts are becoming very popular these days.

5. Referrals: Another good source of income is from referrals. Now a days, there are many websites, apps that gives you commission if anyone joins by using your referral code. This can be understood with the help of an example, if you ask someone to get hosting for your website/Blog from Hostinger, and the person uses your invitation code, then you will get commission from Hostinger. In blogging its very easy to use the invitation links and enhance your chances of earnings. Many Bloggers are earning huge amount by using referral links. It’s most commonly used in share market and crypto-currency for opening of demat account.

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