Mandatory Apps and Software for Youtubers

In this article we will learn about mandatory apps and softwares for Youtubers. Youtube, the best video streaming platform of the 21st century. It’s one of the best platforms to showcase your talent and creativity. Many such platforms are paying its  content creators for their  creativity and innovations, and youtube  being  the best in this industry and it’s  the only  reason  many new content  creators are nowadays coming  to this video streaming platform every day. There was an era, when people dream of entering the Bollywood industry in the form of an Actor, actress or singer, but nowadays many people aspire to become a Youtuber and see a career in Youtube. In order to become a Youtuber one requires good applications or software for making a quality video and analysis of video. At present times most Youtubers make their content through their smartphone only. For making a quality video from a smartphone, one requires some apps which are verys easily available in Google Play Store. The best mandatory apps for Youtuber are mentioned below:

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  1. Video Editing Apps: The best part of the video is how its creator has done editing. Many professional youtubers hire video editors for editing their videos. Today, in the era of technology video editing is not as tough a job as it was a decade ago. With the help of smartphones and softwares, Video editing has become very easy. Anyone having a smartphone or computer can edit a video like professional video creators. All you require is a video editing app for smartphone and video editing software for a computer. There are so many video editing android apps and software are available nowadays for editing videos and giving videos a professional touch. Some of the best video editor apps available in playstore are Kinemaster, Youcut, Vivavideo, Power director, Vita video editor and maker etc. Most of them are paid and video creators have to buy them if they want to enjoy the full features of these apps. If you use their free version, there will be a watermark of the app in the video.
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      2. Screen Recorder: Inorder to shoot a video, one either requires a camera or screen recorder. If you are making  a video where you have to record the screen e.g. for educational videos, tech videos, for streaming live games etc, you require a screen recorder app for smartphones and screen Recorder software for computers. There are plenty of screen Recorder apps available in the playstore, you can easily install them as per your requirement. Many screen recording softwares are also available for computers. Some softwares are free and some are paid.

      3. Audio Editors (Audacity/Lexis): The best part of the video is its audio. You can attract more and more people to watch your video, if the voice quality of your video is good. It’s very annoying for the viewers if the audio of the video is not up to the mark and there is a lot of background noise. Thus, audio editing plays a key role for a Youtuber. Just like video editing, there are also apps and softwares available for audio editing as well. The most widely used app by smartphone users is Lexis Audio editor which is very easily available in playstore. Almost 90 out of 100 Youtubers use Audacity software for editing their voice. With the help of this audio editing software, you can delete background noise, adjust pitch of your voice and filter your voice. By using these, you can enhance the quality of the audio for your video.

      4. Handbrake: Handbrake is a free open source and very easily available software for compressing the video size without compromising video quality. If you shoot any video these days, the size of video may range between 550 Mb to1 GB and it requires very fast internet speed to upload it on youtube. Therefore, there arises the necessity of this software to compress the video size without losing video quality.

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      5. Thumbnail maker: Thumbnail is the image that is shown to your viewers. Thumbnail images must be catchy so that it may attract the attention of viewers and they couldn’t resist the temptation of watching the video. Every one of us knows that the first impression is the last impression. Same is the case with thumbnail images. If you have posted a very catchy thumbnail, most and most people will watch your video. There are so many apps available in the play store e.g. thumbnail maker, banner maker, pexels, canva etc through which you can design a unique catchy thumbnail image.

      6. YT studio: YT studio is a must have an app for every Youtuber. It’s a product of youtube. Youtubers can edit their youtube videos like Title of the video, its description, tags, playlist of the videos etc. In short, you can do the entire SEO of your videos using YT studio.

      7. Tag Extract: Tag extract apps are used to extract the tags of viral videos of the same niche. If you want to grow in Youtube, you have to keep an eye on your competitor’s videos. There are so many apps available in the playstore that extract the tags used by competitors in their viral videos. With the help of these apps, you can extract these tags and use them in your videos. These tags play a very important role in making your videos viral. The most popular tag extract app is Tag You.

      8. Tubebuddy: Tube buddy is another very popular app among Youtubers. It provides you all basic information about  your channel like how many subscribers, how many videos uploaded, how many people likes and dislikes your videos, how many views you get on your video. It also suggests to you how good the title of your video is and many other informative facts about your youtube channel. Tubebuddy has a paid version also, but if you are new to youtube you can go for the free version. You get many features to enjoy in free version of this app.

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If you ever dream of making a video for youtube, you must use these apps and software for making your videos. It will help you in growing your career in the field of Youtube as content creator.

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