Badnotta Waterfall: A Nature’s Paradise

Jammu and Kashmir is known for its natural beauty across the globe and is very much popular among the tourists throughout the year. Tourists specially nature lovers from all over the world come here to explore the natural beauty of Jammu and Kashmir. The beautiful natural waterfalls, landscapes, hills, rivers, streams and weather attracts the tourists to visit Jammu and Kashmir throughout the year. Jammu and Kashmir is spread over a large geographical area. Most of the tourists only explore the natural beauty of Kashmir because they know only about tourist destinations of Kashmir and ignore the natural beauty of Jammu division. Jammu division also has a lot of beautiful destinations that can attract tourists. One such tourist destination of Jammu division is Badnota waterfall which remains totally unexplored over the years.

Badnota waterfall
                                                                                     Scenic View of Badnota waterfall

Badnota Waterfall is situated in a small village Badnota of District Kathua (UT of J&K). The scenic view of the waterfall looks very beautiful and attracts every viewer towards it. This waterfall is the highest waterfall in District Kathua. The best time to explore this waterfall is April – October when it is in full flow, one can also explore it in remaining months also, but the water level of the waterfall declines. The waterfall is situated among the dense forest providing a mesmerizing view to it. This waterfall is just like a dream come true for adventure lovers. One has to walk by foot to reach this waterfall. One can reach this waterfall after having a moderate trek of 1 and half hour from Badnota village. The path to reach this waterfall is rough and not developed by any authorities. The path came into existence by the footsteps of the local villagers only and is very narrow. One has to walk alongside the deep gorges making the journey very thrilling and adventurous. If anyone loves adventure and trekking, then they must explore the beauty of this waterfall, in fact everyone must explore its beauty. This waterfall is completely isolated from the hustle and bustle of the city and one must find them very close to nature and feel very much relaxed. At this waterfall, one feels oneself completely in the lap of nature. This waterfall is not less than heaven for nature lovers. The place is full of Pine and Cidrus trees adding charm to the beauty of this waterfall.

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Badnota waterfall
                                                                                              Badnota waterfall
How to reach Badnota Waterfall

Badnota waterfall is approximately 120 kms from Kathua city and it takes almost 4 hours of journey. From Kathua it takes 2 hours to reach Billawar and thereafter 1 and half an hour to reach Machhedi from Billawar and 1 hour to reach Badnota from Machhedi. From Badnota it takes a one and half an hour trek to reach this waterfall. The nearest railway station near this waterfall is Kathua railway station and the nearest airport is of Pathankot, Amritsar and Jammu. The transport facility is also very limited to reach here. Only one or two bus services are available the whole day. The best bet to reach here is through personal convenience. Although blacktopping is done on the road, in most of the areas the blacktopping has been washed out which results in rough road making it suitable for adventure bikers.

Badnota Waterfall
                                                                                              Badnota waterfall view
Staying Facilities

No proper staying facility is available at village Badnota, but a proper staying facility is easily available in Machhedi and Billawar at a very reasonable price. This trip is very budget friendly to everyone.

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